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Hi! I'm Angie. I am a certified aromatherapist, Reiki master, certified Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner and initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School.  I created Moïta Therapeutics with one mission: to bring healing to others.  I do this through the power of essential oils for pain relief; Reiki; vibrational sound therapy and additional healing modalities. 

In 2017,  my husband was having excrucitating sciatic pain. Using my training in aromatherapy, I formulated an essential oil blend to relieve his pain, and it worked wonders!  I wanted to share this natrual remedy with anyone it might help, so I began sharing the pain relief cream with friends and family. They found it helpful in temporarily relieving pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, and neuropathy. 

Since then, I have continued to learn and grow as a healer; adding vibrational sound therapy, quantum shamanic reiki, aura and crystal healings, and Life Activation to my practice. 

Key Ingredients in Our Products

Black Pepper

An anti-inflammatory powerhouse, Black Pepper also provides pain-relief (analgesia) and improves circulation.


Analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties soothe muscles and help relieve pain. These healing properties help  relieve body and joint discomfort as well as headaches and migraines. 


Sometimes called Everlasting or Immortelle. Well-known as an anti-inflammatory and healing oil. Also has anesthetic and anti-spasmodic properties that help reduce pain, relax muscles, and speed healing. 


One of the most highly-prized essential oils, Frankincense has many healing properties. It contributes to anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing effect of our Rapid Relief blend. 


Another powerful anti-inflammatory oil, Copaiba also super-charges our Rapid Relief formula to provide long-lasting results. 


Improves blood flow so your body can bring healing nutrients to where it's needed most. 

Black Spruce

An essential oil traditionally used by native americans, we use this oil in our Rapid Relief cream for its anti-inflammatory  and muscle-soothing

Brown Bottles of essential oil with fres
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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?

What is it?

VST is a singing bowl based sound relaxation therapy technique. The bowls are placed on the body of the client while the practitioner gently activates them with a soft mallet. During a session, the practitioner moves the bowls to different positions on the client’s body.  

What to expect during a session

During a VST session, you will remain fully clothed. You’ll lie comfortably on a table and may be covered with a sheet or blanket.  The practitioner will place 1-2 singing bowls on or beside your body and will “play” the bowls for a couple minutes before moving them to the next position. A VST session may last from 15-90 minutes. 

What can VST help with?

VST is a relaxation therapy technique.  It activates the parasympathetic nervous system to give the body a chance to find balance again. Repeat visitors will find that they are able to return to the relaxed state more quickly with each session. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of relaxation therapy techniques, some studies have found they may also be helpful for digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, reducing anxiety, lowering stress levels, improving sleep, reducing fatigue, and enhancing the immune system.

How can I schedule a session?

Click the button below or e-mail us at

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What is Quantum Shamanic Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique.   Reiki means universal life energy. Quantum Shamanic Reiki incorporates the traditional Usui Reiki techniques with Algonquin Shamanic tradition and the working parts of Quantum physics.
During a session, you will lie comfortably on a massage table as I perform the reiki using light touch or no-touch techniques, depending on your preference.  Reiki may aid in relaxation, assist in the body’s natural healing processes, and help develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  During a session, as the energy of your body becomes more balanced, and is better able to release stress, leading to a more relaxed state of being. It is said that energy healing opens and aligns the chakras.

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